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Thai Street Food

Thai Street food is one of the famous thing you won't be missed if you go to Thailand.

You can see food everywhere you go, no matter if you are at the little village or sunbathing on one of Thailand secluded island.

We love our food and we create new menu everyday. One of the famous thai street food is called Pad Kra-Pao. It is stir-fried basil leaves with minced meat. They normally serve on the bed of rice with the option of fried-egg on the top. If you go to any thai restaurant in Thailand or in the UK, you will be guaranteed to see Pad Kra-Pao on their menu.

When I was a kid, Pad Kra-Pao is one of some dishes that I have seen on my plate for my dinner and even sometimes for my breakfast. I LOVE IT. It has every taste you need for on the dish. It would add flavour to your dish addition to thai curry.

In Thailand traditionally we like to have lots of food in the middle and everyone has their own plate of rice. Then we all shared the food in the middle, and that when the party begins. Would it be nice to have Thai Curry , Pad Kra-Pao with minced meat (normally with beef or chicken), PadThai in the middle of table and everyone could enjoy Thai Food.

Like I always say...Taste It and you will Love it.

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