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Yellow Curry Paste

Add R&G Yellow curry paste into a pan with a tin of coconut milk.

Add chicken or fish (chopped) and potatoes into curry mixture.

Slow cook for 20mins

Add 1-2 tsp of sugar to get round taste.

Serve with Jasmine Rice


If you like to have very creamy and thick curry, leave them in the fridge overnight and warm it up the next day. Fish is going well with yellow curry. Simply cook curry seperately and bake fish seperately, then lay fish on top of ric and pour yellow curry over bed of rice and fish.

Yellow Curry Paste


Chilli 8%

Garlic 19%

Lemongrass 23%

salt 15%

galangal 10%

kaffir-lime 2%

spices 33%


black pepper,yellow

curry powder)

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