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R&G Jungle Curry Recipe

R&G Jungle Curry is extremely spicy, sparing nothing to bring you the most authentic Thai heat. Thai locals would say "Kaeng Pa"

(Kang is curry and Pa is jungle) which originally are the curry that the native jungle people are known to enjoy.

Served with cold beer it's very refreshing and will bring a sweat to your face, but also it's all natural and very good with your choice of vegetables. You can prepare it at home in just a few minutes with fresh broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, chicken and red bell peppers. Serve with a bowl of steamed jasmine rice.

Add R&G Jungle curry paste into a pan with a glass of water.

Add 1-2 tsp of sugar into a pan and boil them together in low heat for 10 mins.

Add green beans, young corns, peppers,carrots into a pan

Slow cook them in a low heat for another 10mins.

Serve with Jasmine Rice


Jungle curry is very good with vegetables. It is super spicy and quite soupy not coconutty like other curry. If you prefer meat, chicken is the best with it.

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