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 WHO IS R&G?  

"When I first got to the UK, I craved for Thai food and tried to find Thai food in the supermarket..."

When I first got to the UK, I craved for Thai food and tried to find Thai food in the supermarket.


Born and raised in Thailand, I my career led me to become a manager of a cookery school where I found and developed great recipes and good sources of authentic thai curry paste.


I had tried and tried lots of varieties in the supermarket here in the UK, but still struggled to find a true authentic product similar to the recipe I used to have in Thailand. 


It was a simple leap to begin to consider how I could bring some authenticity into the curry market.


I decided then to create R&G Authentic thai curry paste.





Paste is the most important thing for every thai dishes. Most of thai food are based on paste. As my mom always says 'To have the right and good paste is half way through delicious dish already'. 


I therefore went back to where I came from to produce the R&G Authentic Thai Curry Paste for people here to taste. 


So what doeas R&G actually stand for?


R stands for Rosana and G stands for Gary. It is as simple as it says. Just like our curry paste, simple but authentic. 

We promise you that we always source all the very best ingredients available from around Thailand. 

We select our ingredients first and foremost based on the flavour. Currently our lemongrass, galangal, ginger and chillies are organic which give you more intense rounded flavour. 

Here at R&G thai curry paste, we continuously strive to bring you only the very best quality ingredients available. 

Taste it, Love it


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