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R&G Red curry paste is finely ground paste which make it very smooth on your pallette. Spicy with a hint of lime leaves and fresh lemongrass. Incredibly flavoursome. 
Thai Red curry is very well-known in the United Kingdom as people would order them occasionally while they are in any Thai restaurant. Thai red curry is also known as very spicy curry as associated with the colour. In fact, thai green curry is more spicier than the red one since the chilli which are used for thai green is fresh while the chilli that are used in thai red curry is dried and sometimes smoked.

If you enjoy the softer kick but yet spicy, you would love to add thai red curry into the list of your dinner. It can be served with thai jasmine rice or Naan bread if you prefer to dip in as sauce.
R&G red curry paste is very spicy and suitable for vegetarians.

R&G Red Curry paste 07/24

  • Red Curry Paste

    Dried Red Chilli 35%

    Garlic 25%

    Lemongrass 15%

    Shallots 10%

    Galangal 5%

    Fingerroot 5%

    Salt 5%



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