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Panang curry is our best selling curry paste. It provides a thicker, pastier curry than our red curry paste. Panang curry is a mixture of thai herbs and indian spices. It mellows very well with beef or chicken. It gives your curry a soft and creamy texture and a tiny hint of spiciness. 
In Thailand, panang curry is sometimes fried in coconut milk as opposed to other curries, which are boiled. It is often make as soup version in the United Kingdom and that is actually their favourite.
The origin of Panang is quite funny. I’m referring to an article written by the former Thai Prime Minister Kukrit Pramoj who’s quite knowledgeable in Thai history by his family of origin (Royal descent) and from his vast study of Thai history. He’s not only a great writer but also a great cook. This article was written in thai newspaper dated September 1st, 1972.

The word “Panang” is derived from the ancient Khmer language that was adopted by the Thai, meaning “cross” mostly referring to leg position,

R&G Panang Curry paste 08/24

  • Panang Curry  are medium spicy. Chilli 25%Garlic 15% Lemongrass 13%shallots 12% salt 12%galangal 10%kaffir-lime 8%shrimp paste 4%spices 1%

  • Mild to medium

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