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Mild to your pallette with a balance of spices, peanuts and coconunt give you a deep and complexe flavour. Everytime you taste, it will always bring you back to Thailand. 

R&G Massaman curry is good with tender slices of long-cooked beef or lamb with chunks of potatoes in a smoothly coconut milk sauce, with chopped peanuts on top of finishing curry.This fragrant hearty curry would certainly be welcome winter fare and could be served with any Naan bread or any soft thick bread or simply jasmine rice.
Massaman curry is originated from the south of Thailand which is influenced from the country nearby (Malaysia).It owns more to dried spices than to the more typical thai fresh herbs.Massaman is considered to be rather mild as the heat of the chillies are mellowed with dried spices and coconut milk.According to CNN Website,because of its unique taste, it makes massaman curry to become the first on the list of the world most delicious food.
Our R&G massaman curry paste sometimes tends to turn non-curry lovers to be a curry lover and often introduce kids in the family like to eat something new like Thai curry.
Massaman curry is very mild and may contain peanuts

R&G Massaman curry paste (11/24)

  • Massaman Curry Paste: Chilli 20%Garlic 13% Lemongrass 5%shallots 14% salt 11%galangal 3%kaffir-lime 3%shrimp paste 5%spices 9%Vegetable Oil 6%coconut meat 11%

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