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Jungle Curry is an extremely spicy, sparing nothing to bring you the most authentic Thai heat to your pallette. It is very good with lots of vegetables in the curry. Jungle curry is more like a soupy curry instead of creamy version. It can be served with cold beer which will give you a very refreshing taste and will definately bring a sweat to your face. 

As Thai locals would call "Kaeng Pa”. Kaeng means curry and Pa means jungle. It is originated from the suburb where it is hard to find coconut milk. They created the curry by combining all herbs around them and add water into it.

R&G Jungle curry paste is the quickiest curry of all to cook. You can prepare it at home in just a few minutes with fresh broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, chicken and red bell peppers. Serve with a bowl of steamed jasmine rice.

R&G Jungle curry paste is extremely spicy. It is suitable for vegetarians.

R&G Jungle Curry paste

SKU: JUNGLE-sachet
  • Chilli 19%Garlic 18% Lemongrass 12%shallots 11% salt 6% sugar 12% galangal 15% kaffir-lime 3% wild ginger 12.5% Coriander seeds 5% shrimp paste

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