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R&G Green curry paste is a fragrant mix of Thai spices such as lemon grass, galangal, shrimp paste, and fresh green chillies. It is the best with prawns, young corns, aubergines and top up with thai basil leaves. It can be served with thai jasmine rice.
Green curry is very popular in the middle part of Thailand. It is originated after the red curry paste is created. In the old times,when people were getting used to making curry from red chillies, they found out about green chillies and trying to make green curry since then. For people who loves fragrant curry with spiciness, you would fall in love with our tasty thai green curry. It can be cooked with prawns or any choices of meat. In the UK, it may be cooked for a special dinner night while in Thailand, green curry is everyday’s meal from breakfast to tea’s time. Green curry is very spicy curry and may contain shrimp paste.

R&G Green Curry paste 11/24

  • green chilli 25%Garlic 15% Lemongrass 13%shallots 12% salt 12%galangal 10%kaffir-lime 8%shrimp paste 5%

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