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A mix of northern spices and herbs blended with star-anise give you  a real authentic northern curry with a truly unique taste. 
One of the most famous dish in Chiangmai is Chiangmai curry or Gaeng Hunlay as the local people would call. It combines lots of flavour which come from spices to thai herbs. Some recipes use fresh pineapple too. This dish originated from Burma, and in Burma this is usually served with small bananas. You will usually find Chiangmai curry or gaeng hunglay served in Thai dinners in Chiangmai (a province in the north of Thailand) as one of the main dishes, together with sticky rice. People tend to eat as a choice for diet curry since it can be cooked without coconut milk.
It may contain shrimp paste.

Chiangmai Curry Paste (Best Before 10/24)

  • Chilli 35% Hunglay spices 15% lemongrass10% galangal 10%garlic 10% shallot10% shrimp paste 5% salt 5%

    Spicy Levels : 4 chillies


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